Friday, November 13, 2009

Statement of Purpose


Despite being incompetent with a knife, incapable of multitasking, and generally lacking all semblance of culinary instincts, every so often I bravely step into the kitchen and attempt to produce a three-course dinner. These are generally all-day affairs, fraught with danger and near disasters. When the end product is a success, I am often too tired to eat it. Luckily, my fiancee has a deep appreciation for home-cooked meals and heaps praise upon my creations whether they deserve it or not. In light of the stupendous efforts that went into these meals and my astounding inability to recall what I have made after a few months time, I recently decided it would be worthwhile to keep a record of my gastronomical adventures. This blog won't contain much text--if it's captivating prose you're after, check out Gastronomy Blog. However, rest assured, if a recipe appears on this blog, I made it, and I thought it was tasty enough that I might want to make it again. Enjoy.


  1. I just found you when I googled Salmon Pot Pie.You have a lovely blog. Your fiance is a lucky woman.My son watched me cook when he grew up, started cooking himself when he graduted from college and now does much of the cooking for he and his wife. Cooking is a joy for the cook and for the diner.

  2. Hi Tuscanbabe,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. My mom cooked a lot when I was growing up as well, but unfortunately I didn't pay attention to learn as much from her as I might have. Nevertheless, these days I'm starting to get the hang of things with my fiancee's help.


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